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My Methodology of Life

"I constantly sought knowledge and truth, and it became my belief that for gaining access to the effulgence and closeness to God, there is no better way than that of searching for truth and knowledge." — Alhazen, the father of modern scientific methodology.


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The American Competitiveness

In an interconnected world within the information age, it is almost impossible to stop any innovative idea from rising around the globe. Wherever you block it, there will be other way for it. In his “The Open Society and Its Enemies”, one of the Modern Library Board’s 100 best nonfiction books of the 20th century, the well-known philosopher Karl Popper defends the necessity of dynamic civil life in front of static systems of law or religion which function like a closed mind. Present-day knowledge economy is based on openness, and the information technology (IT) sector plays a central role in the coming global transformation. For example, in the United States (US), which is considered as the world’s largest or second largest economy, all of the 10 heaviest equity securities in NASDAQ-100 list are IT-only companies excluding Pepsi Co.

In that context, in order to continue leading global markets they have to maintain a healthy business ecosystem that secures high competitiveness rankings…

Hello World

Did you explore the world of programming?

Simply, it is a process to tell the computer to do something. We do a lot of works on computers using programs that have been made for us by other programmers.

You can order a machine to run a task by giving it a code (in any programming language). For example, I can ask the computer to show words on your screen using the following code in Ruby programming language:

puts 'Hello, World!'

That was the simplest program in the world. It is not all the story, this is just the opening article for my new web-space, so be with us. Cheers!